Scalable CI/CD Pattern For Kubernetes




Scalable CI/CD pattern for Kubernetes

14 November 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

From GitOps to a scalable CI/CD pattern for Kubernetes


GitOps is getting an increasing amount of attention as 'the way to do CI/CD for Kubernetes'. Try to figure out an actual arrangement of repositories and automated flows to implement such a pipeline at scale, though, and you'll likely find that there are still many details to be sorted out, gotchas to be puzzled over, and tradeoffs to be made.

Andrew will examine various aspect of what is often talked about as GitOps and highlight the underlying principles, as well as how they related to well-known practices that we are already familiar with, such as source and compiled artifacts and infra-as-code.

He'll then use those to describe and demonstrate a CI/CD pattern for Kubernetes that can be implemented with different tooling combinations (including a "vanilla GitOps" approach), and talk about how to choose
the most appropriate setup for your scenario."

Andrew's Bio:

"Andrew is a frequent contributor to the Continuous Delivery and Devops space. He's been a software engineer, team lead, infrastructure builder (a.k.a. head of duct tape) and community evangelist and now works on product management and strategy. Andrew contributes to a number of open-source projects, is a regular speaker and author and co-organizer of ContainerDays Boston and NYC.