Scaling And Interacting With Recruitment




Scaling and Interacting with Recruitment

4 June 2019


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London Engineering Talent Forum is an opportunity for engineers, CTOs, engineering managers and senior recruiters to discuss all aspects of engineering recruitment through talks, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

This is an open platform, designed to promote active discussion rather than just listening to pre-set talks. Places will be limited to around 35 people per event.

'Scaling And Interacting with Recruitment'

We will be focusing on scaling a technology recruitment function, and how recruitment & agencies can/should be used with this. We will discuss the differences in doing so, from starting a function to disrupting an existing process. If anyone has particular talks they would like to submit for this please do reach out.

The target breakdown of the attendance will be:
70% Engineering Managers/CTOs
30% Talent Executives

Speaker Details:
1) Rudi de Sousa - Director of Engineering and Architecture at NewsUK
2) Jeanne Le Roux - Head of People at Peak
3) Mark Long - Commercial Director at Salt