8 March 2018


Added 01-Jan-1970

The days are getting longer, though also colder. February is that trickiest of months; not darkest, but still overwhelmingly night. It’s cold too, and since the natural growing season has been so long delayed, the fresh food from local sources is reduced. However, the year is unfurling! Three Ruby conferences are scheduled for the UK, and the promise of spring is tantalizing.

Spring reminds me of the tradition of spring cleaning. You can open your house/flat/office again to the outside world, meaning you can give everything a proper rinse, polish, shine and soak. Refactoring code is a little bit like cleaning your code, getting it into shape to be easier to use over the next while. Ashley Ellis Pierce works at Github and in November presented on Git Driven Refactoring to RubyConf. We’re going to show the video at ScotRUG this month! If you’re curious about refactoring, what SOLID even is, and how git might help, then this is for you. Likewise, if you’ve already seen the video but wanted to discuss it and related topics with other people, come along!

We’ll supply some snacks to help get your hunger through to dinner, and stave off the cold. CodeBase has water available from their kitchen. We’re a friendly bunch of people and newcomers are most welcome! See you there? Great!