Scrum Master Clinic #1 - Reading




Scrum Master Clinic #1 - Reading

30 April 2019


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The ScrumMaster clinics provide a health check for new and practicing ScrumMasters as well as Agilists from all walks. Anybody can attend!

Facilitated by experienced ScrumMasters and coaches the clinic is a place to come to share your struggles, offer ideas, listen and learn, and become rejuvenated in your work.

Each clinic runs for three hours and is restricted to twenty attendees.

Each clinic will use a learning backlog which is populated by those in attendance, based on their learning needs at the time where appropriate.

Through attendance at the clinics candidates will consolidate their learnings; build community with other local ScrumMasters and Agilists, offering mutual support and encouragement; and have a clear understanding at the end of each one what they need to be working on next, both through self-study, mentorship and experience in the workplace.

The spirit of these clinics will be one of camaraderie, team creation and continuous improvement. Attendees will be encouraged to support one another, to pair on learning objectives, and to develop their own abilities to assess and offer critical, compassionate feedback.

Through regular attendance at these clinics it is hoped the students will not only become better ScrumMasters and Agilists, but generally more aware and more awake—thoughtful citizens of the workplace and activists for change. - based on Tobias Mayer's, Scrum master clinics -

How does it work?
1. Each clinic will have more than one facilitator, to avoid creating a cult of personality, or any form of dependence.
2. Facilitators are volunteers.
3. Facilitators are more experienced than participants, or have particular knowledge or skills to share.
4. Over time, regular attendees will begin to mentor new attendees.
5. Over more time, regular mentors will become facilitators.