September NY Information Security Meetup




September NY Information Security Meetup

10 September 2018

New York

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Presenters: Gleb Evfarestov, Sr. Solutions Engineer Bitglass. Coming from the customer side and working in Healthcare industry for over 13 years, Gleb has a strong experience in data and network security. From having the on-hands experience with IAM, AD, SSO, Citrix, VMWare and Application access controls at Memorial Sloan Kettering to being the Solutions Engineer at Pulse Secure start-up (an off-spring from Juniper Networks for NAC and VPN) to Senior Solutions Engineer at Bitglass, Inc. – the Cloud Security Access Broker (CASB) at present.

Abstract: Microsoft is pushing the enterprises to migrate away from on-prem Exchange and Sharepoint infrastructure to Office 365. Why Cloud Access Security Broker should be an immediate solution for your security needs. No one disputes the value of “anytime, anywhere” computing, but there is a concern about the risk associated with access to sensitive and regulated data (PII/PHI) via unmanaged (personal) devices and unsanctioned cloud applications in REAL time.

In this presentation you’ll learn about real-world approaches to some of the most vexing challenges of mobile and cloud computing, and how you can ensure O365 access and data security/compliance through working with a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Speaker: Ashish is the founder of largest DevSecOps community event in Aus-NZ and Practice Director for security in Versent. With over decade of experience in various security roles, Ashish is often found sharing his passion for DevSecOps and Cloud security in meet ups and conferences all across Australia and internationally. He runs DevSecOps workshops for enterprises around the world to help enhance security in a DevOps driven culture.