Serverless Computing London




Serverless Computing London

12 - 14 November 2018


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Serverless Computing London will launch in November, 2018, to help architects, developers and CIOs like you decide on the best path to a more efficient, scalable and secure computing future. We will bring together a line-up of speakers who can take you beyond the hype about serverless computing, laying out the fundamental approaches, and showing you how to use the latest tools, frameworks and platforms to get your applications, team, and broader organisation, up and running, server-free.

Why should you come?

  • High-profile keynote speakers

  • Approximately 40 speakers who are implementing and using the technology, not just talking about it

  • Conference exhibition with key companies from the industry

  • Time and space to connect with speakers and attendees

  • Three conference tracks over two days

  • Optional deep dive workshops from experienced leaders and practitioners on Day 3

  • Conference material (slides and workshop documents) at or immediately after the conference

  • Great food and Day 1 drinks reception