Serverless NYC @ Pivotal




Serverless NYC @ Pivotal

6 December 2018

New York

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6:00pm-6:30pm Food/Drink/Networking

6:30pm-7:00pm Welcome, Serverless Architecture Overview
Wayne Scarano,, Cloud/Cybersecurity Architect

7:00pm-8:00pm - riffing on Knative
Mark Fisher, Pivotal, riff

Knative extends Kubernetes via Custom Resource Definitions to provide support for higher level developer concerns such as autoscaling and routing across revisions of an application. In addition to those serving concerns, Knative also provides support for pluggable build strategies and an eventing model for connecting publishers to subscribers. Project riff is an open source, event-driven, function as a service platform built on top of Knative. In this session, we will take a tour of Knative and riff with demos of the developer experience along the way. Demos will include:
* installing riff/Knative into a clean Kubernetes cluster
* using Knative build to convert a function’s source code into runnable container images
* using Knative serving to autoscale from 0 to N based on events
* using Knative serving to route across multiple revisions of the function
* using Knative eventing to connect your function to other functions via channels

Mark is the tech lead for riff at Pivotal. His journey to Functions-as-a-Service has been heavily influenced by more than a decade focusing on event-driven architecture with Spring Integration, Spring Cloud Stream, and Spring Cloud Data Flow.

8:00pm - 8:30pm - Networking