Serverless NYC




Serverless NYC

30 May 2019

New York

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6:00pm-6:30pm Food/Drink/Networking

6:30pm-7:00pm Welcome, Serverless Architecture Overview
Wayne Scarano,, Cloud Strategy/Architecture/Security

7:00pm-8:00pm - Event-Driven Microservices in the Serverless Age
Marius Bogoevici, Principal Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat

Microservices, data streaming and serverless computing are trendy, and for good reason. They have evolved to provide economical solutions to modern problems, and have been enabled by technical innovations, such as cloud platforms, an increased demand for data, and experiment-driven business models.
However, simply following trends is not a recipe for success. To adopt new technologies and architectural patterns efficiently, developers and architects must understand the evolution of event-driven architecture, and, in particular, how it is redefined in the serverless age, by a combination of utility computing, data infrastructure and function-oriented programming, in the context of different serverless platforms such as AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or Knative.