Serverless W/ Gatsby & W/ AppSync + Serverless With Vue JS




Serverless w/ Gatsby & w/ AppSync + Serverless with Vue JS

1 August 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Serverless with Gatsby and AWS AppSync

Nader Dabit will show how to build custom JamStack APIs with GraphQL and serverless functions using Amplify & the Amplify CLI. We'll take a new Gatsby site, add a GraphQL backend, & then add serverless functions to dynamically fetch data. We'll also look at how to implement client-side authentication in a Gatsby site.

Serverless with Vue.JS

With the rise of serverless architectures, developers have the power to do more with less. Rather than spending time and energy deploying and managing a server, they can now focus on the business logic driving their applications. We'll examine strategies for building applications in VueJS with a serverless mindset. Specifically, we'll walk through real life use cases of how we can bank on serverless functions to do the work of making API calls and communicating with third party services.