ServerlessDays London




ServerlessDays London

11 July 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

We have an amazing line-up of speakers, including

- Lin Clark & Till Schneidereit (Mozilla)
- Teri Radichel (AWS Hero)
- Sarah Drasner (Head of Developer Experience at Netlify)
- Chris Munns (Principal Developer Advocate, Serverless @ AWS)
- Kas Perch (Developer Advocate at Cloudflare)
- Jennifer Davis (Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft)
- Sean Tracey (Developer Advocate at IBM)
- Chris Gormley (Principal Developer at Liberty IT)
- Avishai Shafir (VP Product at Lumigo)
- Alexandra Abbas (Data Scientist at Datatonic)
- Sheen Brisals (Senior Developer & Coach at LEGO Group)
- Roberto Diaz (Developer at Agile Monkeys)
- Dan Bass (Advanced Serverless Architectures with Microsoft Azure)

There are a number of workshops, that will be run the day before, and the day after ServerlessDays, on 10 and 12 July. The first of which will be announced tomorrow (Friday).

It will also be a great day to ask questions of your favourite Serverless provider as they will all be represented at ServerlessDays.

Our sponsor lineup includes
- Amazon Web Services
- Cloudflare
- Google Cloud Platform
- Microsoft
- Stdlib
- AquaSec
- Thundra
- Snyk
- Reason
- NearSt