Set Up For Success




Set up for Success

2 July 2019


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After Jane’s inspirational talk last year we are happy to announce that she will be back for another insightful evening.
This time around Jane, who has set up and ran several successful product design teams, she will be sharing what she has learned from doing this -as well as talking about the mistakes Jane has made so that hopefully you won’t make the same ones!

In her talk, she will cover:
- The different team setups and the pros and cons of each
- The importance of autonomy – and how to ensure consistency when you have multiple autonomous teams
- The different types of designers and who you should hire when
- How to help your organisation get the true value out of design and become customer-centric

Let's get together:
6:30 pm pizza and drinks
7:00 pm speaker's presentation
7:30 pm exercise & discussion
8:00 pm announcing raffle winners
8:15 pm happy end