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3 October 2019


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This months, we have the following talks

Minna Niemi - Futurice

Don't ask why in code review

Choosing your words wisely when reviewing code can have great benefits to a team's efficiency and ability to do good work. I share tips on how to kindly recommend changes to code while not stifling fruitful debate. I also try to offer thoughts on when you should, and shouldn't, give up when arguing about code.

Jakob Durstberger - Moonpig

How Personal Retrospectives Helped Me Being Lazy

Autonomy, mastery, and purpose. These are the three things that motivate most of us.
It is hard to find a path that will lead you to those and staying on it is even harder, but
I truly believe it will pay off in the long run.
Personal Retrospectives are an amazing way to help you stay on your path and I will

Leon Hewitt

TDD, Emergent design and why styleguides are an antipattern

Modern software practices encourage us to create software in an iterative fashion. Despite a wealth of material written on the subject we still find it difficult to build software one tiny feature at a time, shipping each feature to real, live customers as they are completed. We will look at how Test Driven Development and Emergent Design can help us reach this destination and why we really shouldn’t be waiting for the designers to finish their design system before shipping the first feature.