Sheetal Thaker - The Power Of Scrum




Sheetal Thaker - The power of Scrum

11 July 2019


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The Power of Scrum:

When it comes to working in Collaboration, SCRUM is a good place to start. When teams decide to ‘Go Agile’ one of the first questions that come to the surface is what framework do we apply? Sheetal Thaker joins us to teach us why SCRUM is the answer.

Typically, when working with teams who are new to agile, starting with SCRUM helps to teach the fundamentals around forming together as an Agile team.

This talk will explore:

Why start with SCRUM and not other frameworks such as Kanban?

Key events of SCRUM and how they tie into the Agile manifesto

The pros and cons of SCRUM

How to create an efficient cadence for SCRUM

Utilising SCRUM in a remote setting v’s face to face

Tools and applications that support agile

Your experiences of SCRUM

Arrival - 6:15-6:45
Sheetal Thaker - 6:45 - 7:45
Pizza / Networking - 7:45
Close - 20:45