Smart City Hack Day




Smart City Hack Day

15 June 2018


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What makes a city ‘smart’?

Have ideas on how to improve your city through tech? Come join this hack day focused on designing and prototyping ideas to make a city more efficient and enjoyable.

Ideas we’ve seen in the past include:

  • Apps to optimise the use of the city’s limited parking spaces
  • Sensors on windshields to identify locations of trees that need trimming
  • Leveraging data to optimise bus routes
  • Intelligent maps that notify users of safe walkways home based on crime and other data

The Tech Nation Visa Alumni Group has organized this hack day in partnership with our sponsors Entrepreneur First and In addition to Visa Alumni this hack day is open to anyone interested in the enhancement of our cities through tech.

If you haven’t done a hackathon before or aren’t a developer, don’t worry – this hack day welcomes all levels of hack experience and a range of skill sets; please be sure to note your background when submitting an application to join.