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South West Java

30 October 2018


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1st speaker:

Write Now, Run Anytime - Neil C Smith

Neil is developer of PraxisLIVE, an open-source hybrid-visual IDE for live programming, built on top of the NetBeans platform. While the IDE is primarily aimed at creative coders, its underlying forest-of-actors runtime supports real-time coding Java in general. PraxisCORE brings aspects of Erlang, Smalltalk and Extempore into the Java world,
providing a powerful platform for media processing, data visualisation, sensors, robotics, IoT, and lots more! We will explore some of the trials and tribulations of designing a just-in-time programming system in Java, including actors, classloaders and reactive dataflows, with the aid of some hypnotic visuals and bleepy sounds.

Neil may be unique amongst Java developers in regularly live-coding lambdas in venues to make breakbeat music. The talk may end with a short demo!

Neil C Smith is an Artist & Technologist from Oxford, UK. An artist working with code, he builds interactive spaces & projections, and improvised & live-coded performances. A technologist with a creative edge, he is lead developer of PraxisLIVE, maintains various Java media libraries including the bindings for GStreamer, and is an Apache NetBeans committer. 

2nd Speaker:

Angelo Trozzo, Consultant Tech Lead

Kotlin: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.