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Southampton Data Platform and Cloud

6 March 2019


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18:15 - Doors Open

18:30 - Introductions

18:45 - Sander Stad - Mask That Data!

Within your company you probably have your production data on non-production systems.
You need data for development, reporting or a devops related scenario.

Data breaches happen more often than ever.

Data that's not on production systems should be masked.
Especially when you're dealing with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

In this session will talk about we need to know about data masking.
Which types of masking there and especially how we can implement it.

If you want to take the next step in data security come to this session

19:45 - Break and Pizza

20:15 - Ben Hummerstone - Azure Governance

Governance and Cost Management aka how to give Microsoft less of your money.
We'll be talking about all the stuff you promised your boss you'd get around to (someday), ranging from viewing and reporting on your Azure spending, through to saving people from themselves using Policies.

I can also promise that there will be no PowerPoint, but there may be terrible drawings

21:15 - Prize Draw & Close