Stories Of Women In Technology




Stories of Women in Technology

8 March 2019


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As part of IWD, this session aims to continue the conversation on women’s roles in the field of technology by sharing the stories of real women in real jobs.
Donna Kelly (Vice President, Business Unit leader of South and Midlands) will introduce three members from the business, each with a unique story to tell and first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a woman in tech at CGI. The session will explore the diverse range of careers they have to offer and those available in the wider industry. From leadership, software development, cyber security or satellite navigation, there is a place for everyone, regardless of how unconventional your path.

Janine Hughes-Griffiths | Director of Service
Janine has worked for CGI for 5 years and has transition from a Java Developer to her current Director role. She leads the Diversity & Inclusion working group for her business unit and sits on the UK SBU committee steering group. She is passionate about Diversity & Inclusion and a cheerleader for bringing your whole self to work! Janine has recently been named as a Finalist for an Everywoman in Technology award.

Victoria Holt | Data Architect
Victoria joined CGI a year ago working on a Cyber security project. Victoria has an awarding winning research PhD in Database Systems best practice management and is a Microsoft Data Platform Most Valuable Professional with fifteen years’ experience in database systems. She believes the future of data and AI is based on research and industry working closely together.

Tiree MacLeod-Nolan | Product Assurance & Quality Manager
Tiree has a background in Mathematics and Astronautics & Space Engineering, with previous experience in Satellite Communications. Tiree has always been passionate about Space and in her time at CGI has worked on a range of satellite navigation projects including Galileo and EGNOS. Tiree has lived in 5 European countries and loves the multicultural and diverse environment that CGI has to offer.