Summer Boat Meetup




Summer Boat Meetup

12 June 2019


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We will be boarding the boat at 18:15 to leave at 18:30, for a night of interesting talks, drinks, food and fabulous networking opportunities!

Jonathan Chikly, Director and Full Stack Developer @ YYT development studio ( will speak about building Progressive Web Applications (PWA) with Magento 2.

He will present an overview of the main PWA frameworks available and discuss the technical challenges that they faced building a static PWA with Magento 2.

****Our Second Speaker of the event is Joseph McDermott!****

**Modern Search Requirements of an Ecommerce Website**

Joseph McDermott, senior solutions architect at Klevu Oy ( will introduce some of the modern requirements that merchants have for ecommerce search.

From personalisation and non-product search to natural language processing and AI. What does all of this actually mean in practice, why is it important in search and how can a Magento developer implement it?

**** Avid Public Speaker and CEO of Pronko Consulting - Max Pronko ****

**Applying Service Oriented Architecture for Magento 2 development**

For the last few years, the Magento 2 platform is moving into the decoupled state where each module is responsible for an individual operation. It allows to achieve higher performance, loose coupling and improve code quality. In this topic we are going to dive into Service Oriented Architecture and see on example how this can be applied in Magento 2.