SWTC Cambridge - Technical Testing




SWTC Cambridge - Technical Testing

30 October 2018


Added 01-Jan-1970

The next SWTC session is coming, this time we're looking at Technical Testing.

This session will be a little different, as it will be in the form of a circus. This means there will be different stations set up each with a technical testing skill being demonstrated, students can move around the stations,
get involved with demos and ask questions.

So, this means we need your help!

Do you have a technical testing skill which you'd like to demonstrate to everyone? Examples of technical testing skills could be:

- API testing
- Security testing
- Using proxy tools
- Performance testing
- Use of browser tools
- IoT
- Monitoring/log files
- Testing VR

If you'd like to demonstrate a technical testing skill please let us know in your RSVP, we'll then contact you for a quick chat about what you'll need to do. You don't have to be a mentor to do a demo either!

==What is Software Testing Clinic?==

The Software Testing Clinic is a safe environment for anybody who wants
to learn about software testing and enhance their testing skills. SWTC
offers monthly evening sessions for anybody interested in the testing
craft; they are run in an interactive way using whiteboard sessions,
hands-on exercises and discussions with the whole group as well as in
sub teams to deepen our understanding of software testing. You are led
through the evening by a team of hosts, supported by more experienced
testers who can use and enhance their mentoring skills.