Symfony 4 (Flex Included)




Symfony 4 (Flex included)

22 February 2018


Added 01-Jan-1970

Symfony 4 is the next evolution of your favourite framework. While it's not a revolution, there's lots of things included that will make your life much easier and more fun! Find out more at this month's Symfony UK meetup.

Symfony was moved closer to industry practices with application bundles gone, simplified directory structure, or environment variables preferred over configuration parameters. Both version 2 and 3 has already introduced some nice features, like autowiring, that contributed to what Symfony 4 has become. As a result there is less Symfony specific concepts and more standard practices. It's easier to learn, easier to configure, easier to install and deploy, and finally easier to master. If that wasn't enough, our workflow was much improved with the introduction of Symfony Flex, a new way to install and manage Symfony applications. It's time to say goodbye to both Symfony installer and the Standard Edition!