Tech Nottingham: Lightning Talks!




Tech Nottingham: Lightning Talks!

11 November 2019


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* What Is A Lightning Talk? *

A lightning talk is a short talk, under five minutes on whatever subject you wish to speak about (Code of Conduct permitting!). At the start of the session the audience has time to come up, write their talk title on a post-it and stick it to the board and those talks make up our evening. If there are too many talks to fit in to the evening, we'll vote on our favourites.

For the audience it's a rapid-fire session where you'll learn loads and gain unique insight into the thoughts, ideas and passions of your peers.

For speakers it's a unique opportunity to speak your mind, try out a talk idea and boost your confidence in front of a friendly crowd. Since the talks are short, the pressure to prep and polish is low and you can focus on key ideas you want to share.

* Great Lightning Talks We've Seen *

- Elmer McCurdy, who died in 1911 but wasn't buried until 1977
- How an innocent pie inadvertently broke an infrastructure project
- Becoming a better developer with porridg