Tech Startup Journey




Tech Startup Journey

9 December 2019


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London has become the hub of an entrepreneur. The city recognised to deliver the best startups in the FinTch, RegTech, Digital and high tech. This group will create the best opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur.

Our mission is to make it easier for you. We bring together the best strategy and hacks that can help you to reach the next level.

You will not only become part of the meetup but also if you want to participate. We allow you to speak and also participate.

We will organise high-value business networking and fireside chat events with hugely successful CEOs, founders, investors and influential journalists.


We will help

• To find the Co-Founder

• Investors

• Strategist

• Account

• Law Professional

• Regulatory Professional

• Tech developers, architects and Designer (Front end, Back end, Full Stack, Mobile App)

• Marketing and Branding

• Investors to decide where to invest their money

• Help to create more job and opportunity

• 1x1 Networking

Please join us, become part of our team and let's expand together. Let's build collaboration, connections and let's retain them by attending our upcoming events.