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Tech Talks

11 February 2021


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Diverse talks in one event!


1. MLOps & TFX - Quick introduction

Machine learning has received increased interest both as an academic research field and as a solution for real-world business problems. However, the deployment of machine learning models in production systems can present a number of issues and concerns. In this talk, I will give an overview about MLOps and TFX (TensorFlow extended).

2. Building REST APIs with gRPC and Go

Developing APIs over a RESTful interface with JSON payloads is kind of the standard nowadays, but it still lacks an easy way to build it with a well-defined interface and document it to be used by others. What if we can leverage gRPC's fast, type-safe, and modern way of building APIs and still be able to provide an interface over REST/JSON ? Check this talk to find out how.


Álvaro Viebrantz
Jéssica Costa
Vinicius Carida
Wilson Mendes