TechNOVA: Connected Customer




TechNOVA: Connected Customer

20 June 2019


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TechNOVA: Connected Customer focuses on how technology is affecting the ways customers are interacting with organisations, how these organisations must radically redefine themselves to meet ever more demanding expectations, and how the fourth industrial revolution will transform the business-customer relationship.

How will you interact with your customer?
From restaurants to the music industry, television to transport, and the high street to hotels; industries are being changed forever by the emergence of digital, customer-centric propositions. With new technologies affecting what’s possible for how you interact with your customers and how you provide your service, join this stage to learn about:

How will your customer view you?
With customers living more of their lives online, the brands with which they choose to spend their money are becoming increasingly tied to their own identity. As customers come to expect more from the brands which they choose to represent them, join this stage to learn about:

How will you understand your customer?
New technologies and a wealth of new data sources provide organisations with the ability to understand their customers more deeply than ever before and tailor the service they receive. But, with emerging security concerns and customers taking ever-more control of their data, the future of data usage is rapidly evolving. Join this stage to learn about: