TECHunplugged London 2018




TECHunplugged London 2018

6 June 2018


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TECHunplugged is a full day conference focused on cloud computing and IT infrastructure.

Its innovative formula combines three essential parts of the industry for an exceptional exchange of information, insights and education:

– A group of independent, insightful and well-recognized influencers
– Leading disruptive technology vendors
– End users who manage rich technology environments.

The ultimate goal of TECHunplugged is to bring quality information to IT decision makers by bringing them together with independent influencers and industry vendors, to engage, debate and be informed through open discussions on topics such as IT infrastructure, virtualization, cloud computing and storage.

TECHunplugged is an extremely interactive event, focused on end users. We want to give them the opportunity to actively participate in the event. For that reason, most of the materials presented are from independent sources, and end users play a major role by sharing their points of view, experiences and opinions.