Test Automation, Tooling And The Future




Test Automation, Tooling and the Future

21 November 2018


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Ten10 Seminar

Please join Ten10 and Adrian Brown, Head of Fusion QA at TP ICAP for an evening seminar on test automation.

Arrivals are from 6pm where welcome drinks will be served. The seminar presentations will start promptly at 6:30pm followed by drinks, discussion and networking from 8pm.

Are Commercial Automation Tools Dead? 

Chris Thompson, Consultancy Services Director, Ten10

The standardisation of IT architectures around web-based technologies over recent years has been matched by a relentless rise in the use of open source tools to facilitate their automated testing, with tools such as Selenium becoming ubiquitous. This presentation explores the rise of open source automation tools and how this has impacted the commercial tools market, assessing their position both now and in the future.

Selenium in the Enterprise, Getting your Tooling Infrastructure Right
Adrian Brown, Head of Fusion QA, TP ICAP

Introducing UI test automation to a large team with a variety of skills, requires investment in tooling infrastructure and alignment with a DevOps culture. This talk looks in particular at Selenium and demonstrates how to make developers and QA productive by simplifying the developer experience from local setup to CI. This empowers the team to focus on writing elegant tests rather than becoming tools specialists.

Is Automation Always the Answer? And What Does the Future of Test Automation Look Like?
Ash Gawthorp, Academy Services Director, Ten10

Can automation replace the requirement for manual testing? Can a software engineer essentially replace the role of test analyst? How will the new generation of AI automation tools impact the role of the automation test engineer?

This presentation will focus on the questions automation cannot easily answer, discussing where and when to automate, and to look at how manual and automated testing can co-exist together, both adding value. We will also examine how testing best practice is more important than ever in test automation, in order to maximise return on investment and minimise overhead.

Finally we will look at the growing number of AI based automation tools on the market and look at whether the role of automation engineer could be impacted by these tools.