Test Automation




Test Automation

25 April 2019


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1st talk - Chris Brown from HESA

(Chris is software engineer who specialises in test automation)

Help my automated UI tests can’t fly!

Often automated tests are brought into a project as a solution to all your manual testing woes. However in a lot of projects the return from these tests was not as expected. High setup costs, even higher maintenance costs can lead to an automated solution that is more trouble than it is worth, sometimes even resulting in it being abandoned altogether.

This talk will provide advice on improving your automated UI test solution by looking at brittle tests, flaky tests, slow-running tests and others.

2nd talk - Gianni Au and Kalyan Kamkipati from UCAS

(Gianni is an Agile test engineer, and Kalyan is a test analyst)

Gianni and Kalyan will be giving a comparison between different Javascript testing frameworks that UCAS have looked at. These include: protractor, puppeteer and test cafe.