Testing Java Microservices




Testing Java Microservices

5 November 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

Even with traditional software tests, there’s never a guarantee that an application will actually function correctly in the production environment. Add microservices, remote resources that are accessible over a network, into the mix and testing is even more tricky.

To make things even harder, services typically need to collaborate with additional network-based services, making testing even more challenging.

Moving to a microservices architecture requires a change in the mindset of developers. So will using old testing techniques with new architectures still work?

In this deep session, you’ll learn several test strategies that solve the most common issues likely to be encountered when writing tests for a microservices architecture. We will take a condensed look at how tools such as Arquillian, JUnit, Docker-compose and techniques such as service virtualization, consumer-driven testing and embedded testing can aid you in accomplishing this task.