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Thames Valley Artificial Intelligence

18 July 2019


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Our second meet up - 1800 - 2030 at Thames Valley Science Park. Put the date in your diary. Beer and Pizza + networking at the start. A corporate, an SME, and an academic/researcher will share their experience and learnings from deploying/using AI. Then more networking to finish.

I am happy to confirm that James Leech from Thales will be delivering -

AI of the Tiger – A Rocky montage of upskilling your staff in Artificial Intelligence

Thales graduate James Leech talks you through the rollercoaster journey of training to work in artificial intelligence, and where & why companies like Thales are turning to artificial intelligence to innovate solutions in computer perception.

Mark Sears from Cloud Factory is going to present -

Human-In-The-Loop AI

Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination. In almost every industry there is a race to find the perfect mix of human and machine intelligence to solve problems and win the market. The key is knowing where and how to insert humans in the loop - people to both train and sustain AI. We will look at lessons learned from being the humans-in-the-loop for over 200 leading tech and AI companies.

Dr Fredric Stahl, Associate Professor in Data Science at the University of Reading is going to present -

Data Mining in Non-Stationary Environments: Adaptive Model Building through Micro-Clusters

The research field of Data Stream Mining aims to build continuously adapting models, workflows and algorithms for data analytics of streaming data. This is motivated through advances in hardware and software in the past two decades which have enabled capturing and processing of high throughput and infinite data streams. This talk discusses challenges, opportunities and recent research in Mirco-Clusters to enable real-time data mining on streaming data.