The Data Detective, Protecting Your IP Rights




The Data Detective, Protecting your IP rights

4 December 2018


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6.30 for pizza, beers and networking.

Talks start 7pm
Talk 1 Alan Russell - “Visualising the ownership of Scottish football”

Alan Russell will share insights from his work on using data visualisations using Tableau to explore Scottish football clubs’ approach to supporter engagement and transparency, and to improve visibility of clubs’ ownership through the ‘SDS Index’. Alan will also share some earlier work done to improve supporters’ understanding of the history and ownership structure of the club he supports, Raith Rovers FC.

Alan Russell is CEO of Supporters Direct Scotland and Chair of the Raith Supporters Trust, two organisations that help supporters gain influence in the running and ownership of their club. In his spare moments away from football he works as a management consultant, supporting global and local clients in the corporate and non-corporate sectors to develop and implement strategy.

Talk 2 -Dr. Graham McGlashan
“The Value in Data and How to Protect It – Intellectual Property (IP) for Data Related Businesses”

Where is the value in a data related business? Is it in the data itself? Perhaps it is in the way the data is collected, analysed or used? Often these intangible assets are the result of a significant amount of skill, expertise, insight, experience, time and money. For many companies, these intangible assets can contribute a sizable amount to the value of a business.

Intellectual property (IP) protection is intended to cover these very assets. However, modern IP has its roots in systems that date back hundreds of years and often struggles to adapt to modern technologies such as data based industry and machine learning. This talk is intended to give an introduction to how intellectual property protection applies to data related ideas and businesses, and give some suggestions of ways in which it can be used.

Dr Graham McGlashan is a Partner at Marks & Clerk, the largest firm of specialist Patent & Trademark Attorneys in the UK. Graham specialises in computer implemented inventions, data related concepts, machine learning, virtual/augmented reality, electronics, networks, communications and sensors. He advises a range of clients from some of the largest and most famous multinational tech companies, to small Scottish start-ups looking to make a difference. Before entering the IP profession, Graham worked in R&D for both multi-nationals and small spin-outs and was a named inventor on a number of patents before changing track to help others with their IP strategy and protection.