The Hardware Hour VIII




The Hardware Hour VIII

31 October 2018


Added 01-Jan-1970

The Hardware Hour is a breakfast meetup in which Raph Crouan, MD of Startupbootcamp IoT, runs an informal Q&A with an entreprenur who is in the process of growing a hardware startup. On October 31st we're doing things a little differently. To mark the start of our new programme and the restart of the Hardware Hour series, we're hosting a morning panel with some of the previous companies that we helped accelerate.

Hear from three of our alumni - Aura, Doordeck & Trackener about the common challenges that these fundamentally different companies faced and how they overcame them. We'll explore what's worked well; what hasn't; and the interesting roads each took in the past couple of years.

The Hardware Hour begins at 08:30 with breakfast and coffee provided. Our 45-minute panel starts promptly at 08.45, followed by questions from the audience and any community announcements. Finishing up at 09.30, everyone can then head into work a little less hungry and a little more knowledgeable.