The Junior UX Crunch: Bias And Design




The Junior UX Crunch: Bias and Design

9 March 2019


Added 13-Feb-2023

Cognitive bias is a systematic error of our heuristics–subconscious associations, beliefs and split-second judgments. No one can simply eliminate his or her biases. Due to their innate nature, we can consider ourselves lucky that we’re even aware of them. What we can do instead is notice, harness and use their positive aspects in our designs.

Learn from leading designers and equip yourself ready for the next steps in your career as we discuss bias, research, data and design.

We'll be joined by;

Martin Hicks - Senior Research Manager - Lloyds Banking Group

Melissa Clark - Experince Strategy and Business Design - Formely Google Launchpad, Code and Theory, Method

Hardy Sidhu - Product Designer - AKQA