The Lead Developer Meetup




The Lead Developer Meetup

11 April 2019


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6:30pm - Arrive, refreshments & networking
7:00pm - Welcome
7:05pm - Talk 1
7:25pm - Talk 2
7:40pm - Break
7:55pm - Talk 3
8:25pm - Networking
9:00pm - Close

Host: Meri Williams (CTO, Monzo / Chair and co-curator, The Lead Developer)

Speaker: Lola Odelola (Software Engineer, Buffer / Founder,

Talk: Are You Ready For Juniors?

The tech industry is currently in a transitionary phase, as we step into the digital future, more and more people are becoming digitally literate. The rise of bootcamps, online tutorials and diversity programs mean that more people are learning to code and becoming competent developers, however jobs for these people are scarce. In an industry where there is more demand than supply, how is it people are still struggling to find good junior roles?

Having spoken to senior engineers and hiring managers, and looking back at my own experiences, I think the issues are clear. For many companies, hiring a junior developer is perceived as risky. Do they have enough knowledge to make valuable contributions? Can we give them enough support? You have to have confidence that the person you hire can do the work you hire them to do, and that’s not always clear from hiring a junior. However, given the right environments, junior engineers can not only make valuable contributions to the product but also make better engineers of their colleagues.

I will be looking at the best ways to prepare to hire junior engineers so that the product doesn’t suffer and the environment is one that’s conducive to growth.


Theo Nicolaou (Lead Developer, Natural History Museum)

Talk: A New Tech Leads’ Survival Guide

It’s well-known that the transition from individual contributor to tech lead/manager can be challenging and overwhelming at first.

In this talk, Theo describes his journey from Senior Front-end Developer to Lead Developer. In particular, he will focus on his key learnings and the strategies he developed to manage the transition period and get to grips with his new role. If you’ve recently made a step up or are looking to do so, his tips and ideas will help you hit the ground running and become more effective in your role.