The Product Group London December 2019




The Product Group London December 2019

5 December 2019


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Topic of the Night: Retention

As product people, we're obsessed with going from zero to one, finding product-market fit, and acquiring our early adopters and evangelists. But, what happens once you've done all this and they don't stick around?

Retention is an important part of product development that isn't talked about nearly enough. We're hoping to fix that tonight by discussing questions like - what metrics should you look at to figure out if you're retaining your customers effectively? When should you start worrying about it? Who should be involved? How can you run experiments on retention?

Featured Product: Hassell Inclusion - Jonathan Hassell, Founder & CEO

Jonathan is an award-winning inclusive design thought leader, with over 18 years' experience of embedding accessibility into digital production teams, which he regularly shares at international conferences and summarised in his new books ‘Inclusive Design for Organisations’ and ‘Inclusive Design for Products’.

He is an innovative thinker responsible for commissioning and product managing groundbreaking, award-winning projects using innovative new accessibility techniques and technologies to enable a wide variety of disabled and elderly groups to gain better user experiences.

Through his team at Hassell Inclusion he provides strategic accessibility transformation services to organisations worldwide, including: training and consultancy to embed accessibility strategically within the design process, user research and user testing, leadership of innovative digital projects to make inclusion easier and cheaper to implement, and creation of best-practice international web standards.