The Product Group London June 2019




The Product Group London June 2019

6 June 2019


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Topic of the Night: Leadership. Whether it's being the servile leader of your development team or taking charge of a group of product managers, your ability to lead and having people follow is an essential skill of the product manager.

In this session, we'll discuss answer questions like, what makes a good leader? Can leadership be learned or natural skill? How can you improve? How should adapt your leadership style to different situations?

Featured Product: Basement Crowd - Tanya Agarwal

Basement Crowd is a legal-tech product builder. The company has three portfolio products:
- Juriosity, a knowledge sharing platform for barristers and solicitors.
- FromCounsel, a corporate law resource tool for private practice and in-house legal teams.
- Sparqa Legal, a legal guidance and document automation service for SMEs, for which Tanya was responsible for launching last October.