The Product Group London November 2019




The Product Group London November 2019

7 November 2019


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Topic of the Night: Prioritisation

Prioritisation is the most important part of a product manager's job. It's also perhaps the hardest. During this session we'll discuss why prioritisation is so hard to get right and what steps we can take to get better at it.

Featured Product: Progression - Jonny Burch, Founder

Jonny is a designer and the founder of Progression, a product focused on helping folks in tech teams to describe, map and grow their skills. Progression allows leaders to create flexible and industry-tested progression frameworks for current and future team members to measure themselves against.

For the last seven years Jonny has led product design teams in tech. Most recently he scaled the consumer and growth groups at Deliveroo as the company grew from 150 to 2000 employees and 12 countries around the world.

Having experienced first hand the pain of scaling teams fast, Jonny took the plunge from design leader to founder. In February 2018 he resigned from Deliveroo and launched Progression with the mission of helping to answer the age-old question ‘How do I grow at work?’.