The Tracktion Engine And Interacting Neurons Make Noise




The Tracktion Engine and interacting neurons make noise

7 May 2019


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**** The Tracktion Engine ****
Recently, Tracktion open-sourced their powerful audio engine - the same engine behind their DAW Waveform. Jules and Dave - the authors of Tracktion and Waveform - will give us a tour of the inner working of the engine.

**** Interacting models of neurons can produce responsive rhythm and harmony ****
A short demonstration by Mark Claydon of how interacting models of neurons can produce responsive rhythm and harmony, adapting current machine learning techniques to work with biologically inspired simulations in realtime. A discussion will follow.

**** SPEAKERS ****

Jules Storer - Jules has been a C++ programmer since the early 1990s, working mainly in audio technology. He's best-known for creating the Tracktion DAW and the C++ library JUCE, which has been used for over a decade in thousands of commercial and open-source audio products. Now with ROLI, he continues to work on JUCE as well as other ROLI products.

Dave Rowland - David Rowland is the director of software development at Tracktion Corporation, working primarily on the digital audio workstation, Waveform and the engine it runs on. Other projects over the years have included audio plugins and iOS audio applications utilising JUCE. David has a passion for modern C++ standards and their use to improve code safety and brevity.

Mark Claydon - Mark Claydon is a sound engineer and programmer. When not building distributed systems, he explores the intersection of humans, music and machines by creating simulations of neurons and listening to them.


The Audio Developers meetup is organised by the ROLI team responsible for the Audio Developer Conference, the largest annual gathering of audio developers.

The recurring themes of the meetup are: Digital Signal Processing, 3D audio, embedded audio, plug-in development, audio for mobile and more.