Thriving In Fast-Paced Envir




Thriving in Fast-Paced Envir

18 September 2019

New York

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It’s very common for organizations (both Line-of-Business and IT) to conduct strategic planning activity and major decision-making on an annual basis.

This might have made some sense when the pace of business was more predictable, and change was slower and gradual. But in today’s business environment, change occurs far too rapidly for that to work in most industries.

If your organization has gone agile, then, in a way, you’ve already acknowledged and adjusted to that new reality by making a conscious decision to embrace iterative, continually improving production in order to thrive in this fast pace environment.

So, if sticking to an annual strategic planning cycle simply doesn’t work anymore, then what does?

A far better option is to handle Program Portfolio Management is on a quarterly basis. But this new way of thinking implies a significant culture change…

In this Meetup, we’ll discuss:

1. Drivers for moving to quarterly planning
2. Creating a new mindset and focus on quarterly strategic planning
3. Implementing quarterly check-in on a Portfolio of projects across the Enterprise
4. The next evolution of the portfolio as described by SAFe

Attend this Meetup to learn ideas, techniques and best practices to help you and your organization thrive in this new fast-paced business landscape.

We will need to provide a list of RSVPs to WeWork Security 48 hours before event, so make sure to save your spot!