Time-Series Data NY #4




Time-Series Data NY #4

8 November 2018

New York

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Applications that make use of Time-Series DataApplications that make use of Time-Series Data

Building user-centric and truly insightful apps is more than just solid UX. It takes collaboration across teams of developers, from the frontend to the backend, to ensure that consumers are getting what they expect. This involves leveraging time-series data, be it user actions, error logs, or resource utilization to understand user behavior and application performance. While data collected over time can be enriched with geographic and demographic information, it is time-series data that can paint a picture of how an application is evolving in its development and usage. More and more, applications are also being built to visualize or act on time-series data, reading from time-series databases storing the information. These apps are providing end users access to real-time information and accordingly must be responsive to keep up with a higher frequency, changing, ever-growing stream of data.

Join us on Thursday, November 8th for a panel to discuss the role data (particularly time-series data) has in the application development process and how modern applications are making use of time-series data streams. Learn from experts from NYC-based Sneakers Agency and Small Planet. Pizza & Beer will be served!

Our Speakers:

Joana Kelly, Executive Producer @ Small Planet
Joana Kelly is an Executive Producer at Small Planet, where she helps teams create award-winning mobile products for clients like Disney, NPD Group, and Planned Parenthood. Her work has earned the Communication Arts Magazine Award of Excellence and the Fast Company Innovation By Design Award, been featured on the App Store and Google Play, and been downloaded millions of times. Joana holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons The New School for Design.

Christopher White, Founder & CEO @ The Sneakers Agency
Christopher White is an NYC based entrepreneur/CEO and the founder of The Sneakers Agency. Chris started his career in tech in 2000 as a mobile software engineer. Not long after the iPhone launched, he moved to NYC and worked in the startup scene. He started Sneakers Agency in 2014 because he saw too many brands struggle with creating technology. The Sneakers Agency framework helps brands clarify their digital strategy. Brands who work with Sneakers Agency build better companies and bigger business opportunities. Since having founded Sneakers Agency, Chris and his team have had the honor of working with startup, enterprise, non-profit, and agency founders and executives.