TODO London 1.8




TODO London 1.8

1 May 2018


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ur next event will be // TODO London 1.8 on May 2th 2018.

Please join us at Moo, 20 Farrington Road, London, EC1M 3AF (note that all of the entrance fee goes to // TODO London and not to Moo).

18:30: Doors

18:50: Intro

18:55: Talk One: Yvette - So You Want To Build a Medical App

What if your code could change someone’s life, but a bug might kill them? As our devices have gotten smarter a world of possibility has been opened up to transform the lives of people living with chronic health conditions. Being able to manage, understand and treat their conditions using their phone could be life-changing, and maybe even life-saving. But was does that mean for developers who want to deliver on this promise?

19:15: Break

19:20: Talk Two: Amy Simmons - A guide to the care and feeding of new devs

While being a junior developer is incredibly exciting, it can also be overwhelming. This presentation will give you an insight into life as a junior developer, and offer suggestions on how juniors can be better supported in the workplace.

19:40: Break

19:45: Talk Three: Sabrina Leandro - Do Repeat Yourself

How do you communicate with the rest of the team when you're engaged in a long-running technical project like a rewrite or migration? Communication can often become stale and irrelevant to everyone else. Sabrina Leandro will provide tactics for keeping your team in the loop. Sabrina is former Director of Engineering and VP of Tech at Songkick and most recently working with companies to improve their tech and processes.

20:00: Outro

20:15ish: Social, The Fence (, 67-69 Cowcross St, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 6BP