Training From The Back Of The Room




Training from the Back of the Room

19 December 2018

New York

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Learn how to deliver complex concepts without boring lectures and bleak corporate slides.

In today's workshop Dana Pylayeva and Anil Jaising will introduce the "Training from the Back of the Room" framework, an internationally-recognized tool for accelerated learning developed by Sharon Bowman.

In this preview, Dana and Anil will demonstrate techniques to keep audiences active and engaged throughout your presentation or training workshop. You'll also learn about:
>> the six learning principles that maximize learning effectiveness, and
>> the "4C Map", a brain-based instructional design and delivery model for accelerated learning

More info:
>> Sharon Bowman and TBR:
>> Dana and Anil's two-day TBR workshop:

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Dana Pylayeva ( and Anil Jaising ( are both long time members of the NYC Scrum User Group and certified TBR trainers.

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