Turing Lecture: Glimpsing Our AI Future




Turing Lecture: Glimpsing our AI future

28 January 2019


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Right across the economy start-ups are using machine learning to disrupt incumbents. At the same time, incumbents are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate processes and increase productivity. China is challenging the US for AI supremacy. Self-driving cars may soon over-turn a century-old model of urban transport and disrupt the car and oil industries. Helped by AI and machine learning, start-ups are harnessing renewable energy to re-imagine and refashion basic industries and are employing bio-tech to redesign what we eat and how food is supplied, with the first lab-grown meat being served in a Michelin starred restaurant.  Coming rapidly closer is the threat of climate disruption.

In this talk, founding Chair of The Alan Turing Institute Howard Covington will endeavour to grasp these dramatic changes to our world and discuss how the business and technology community can seize the opportunities they offer.