Understanding Machine Learning Systems




Understanding Machine Learning Systems

30 January 2019

New York

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Curious about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Deep Learning? What's the difference between them? Want to understand how others are using ML creatively? If you are new to these areas and want to learn what is going on behind the scenes, but not from a mathematical / computer science background, then this talk is for you. Take this speedy 45-minute tour of the state of Machine Learning in 2018 by Jason Mayes, a Senior Creative Engineer at Google. This talk will cover a high-level overview of how deep neural networks work, their creative applications, along with some of the APIs and libraries that you can use from Google today to get started to do more advanced things. This fast-paced talk aims to educate, inspire, and enable you to rapidly prototype your next idea in this amazing industry. This talk is aimed at beginners (no coding or mathematical background required) or those who may be familiar but curious about its creative applications in industry.