Usability Boundaries & Why We Need Them




Usability Boundaries & Why we Need Them

20 November 2018


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Like any relationship between a human and a machine, usability is subjective. Yes, I believe usability is more than a product design... it's a relationship that is unique to the user and the product. You cannot know for certain how your customers/users are going to use your product and how they're going to feel about it at any given point in time.

So how on earth can you possibly strive to develop a usable product? You need to apply boundaries to your design work; usability boundaries.

In this Masterclass, David will talk about some of these usability boundaries and the reason they exist in the first place.

David will explore the meaning of usability and provide some examples of just how subjective it really is. He will then take a deep dive into some common usability boundaries he has applied in the past and talk about how you may decide what boundaries you need to apply in your context.

After this masterclass we hope to have provided:
- A clear definition of usability and why it's important
- A set of common usability boundaries that can be applied to your projects
- An understanding of how you might go about developing your own usability boundaries
- The motivation you need to shout at the top of your lungs... "Usability is important!"