Using ESRally & Prometheus




Using ESRally & Prometheus

15 November 2018

New York

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Using ESRally & Prometheus to set Elasticsearch dynamic SLAs

While maintaining a massive Elasticsearch environment (~25 million docs/minute) is often no walk in the park, providing a clear way to set SLAs for our various clusters was very challenging. How do we know how many docs our ES cluster can handle? How much CPU time do we spend indexing? What can we guarantee to our users in terms of query performance? How much lag are we willing to tolerate? What metrics are actually important? By running rally multiple times a week on all of our clusters (leveraging Jenkins, Prometheus and Grafana) we are now able to answer all these questions in real time, provide ourselves actual insights on when and how to scale our clusters, and even set alerts based on our clusters' capacity.

Nikita Ostrovsky is a DevOps Manager that leads the Visibility team at Outbrain. He's been in the SRE/DevOps space for over 10 years, and primarily focuses on bringing sane metrics, logging, event streaming and alerting solutions to the organization at large.

Open Source Security Tool

The session will be hosted by Kevin Keeney, Elastic's Cyber Security Advocate who will lead discussion and share a few open source projects that solve relevant security problems. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out how to get started, these projects can serve as a quick on ramp. He will discuss how open source augments and enhances traditional security models and new ways of thinking about security including:

§ Intelligence driven operations

§ Threat hunting

§ Insider threats

Open source tools sets such as: RockNSM, VulnWhisperer, CAPEStack, and HELK

Kevin exudes passion about the field of cyber security, technology, people, and where they all meet. He has enjoyed a career in the public and private sector from Fortune 500 to start-ups. Leading in both in operations and presales engineering roles. More important than any of that, he is a husband and father of five amazing children.

If you’re interested in Elastic trainings [there is a fee], our team is coming to New York on November 7-8. You can register here: