UX Crunch Meets EY-Seren




UX Crunch Meets EY-Seren

6 June 2019


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Experience shapes industries, transforms business performance and helps companies build ever deeper and more profitable relationships with customers. With a deep heritage in design research, and a well respected service design practice EY Seren is fast becoming one of the biggest and best experience design teams in London. Backed by EY (one of the BIG four) EY-Seren create transformational growth opportunities in products and services for some of the biggest clients around.

Join us as we sit down for another fantastic evening of theoretical insight, case studies, discussions and more from the Product Design team, Service Design Team and Design Research Team at EY-Seren.


Matthew Goodacre – Senior Design Researcher

Victoria O’Callaghan – Lead Service Designer

Gemma Osgood – Senior Product Designer

Will Duncan – Product Designer

Will Shaw - Principal Service Designer