UX Crunch Meets Lloyds Banking Group




UX Crunch Meets Lloyds Banking Group

4 July 2019


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Lloyds Banking Group are on a mission to Help Britain Prosper. In July 2018 Dan Makoski joined as the Bank’s first Chief Design Officer bringing together designers from across the bank under one organisation called Human Centred Design. The Design team are exploring what it means to Design for Prosperity, elevating the role of Design in the Bank and facing into some really interesting opportunities to make Financial Services more human along the way.

The LBG Design team will share with you their story of how they have developed their Design Manifesto, their ambition for Prosperous Design and importantly how they are organising to scale design to support LBG’s Transformation Programme.

The event will be hosted by Paola Miani (Head of Design Culture) and Martin Dowson (Head of Design Ops & Ecosystems) and will feature speakers and a panel drawn from across a range of roles and work within the team who will be ready to share the ambitions and challenges of Design in a large-scale complex organisation.

You will have the opportunity to network with a number of hiring managers from within Human Centred Design.


Martin Dowson – Head of DesignOps and Ecosystems

Steven Busuttil – Head of Design Language

Paola Miani – Head of Design Culture

Lily Dart – Head of Design System

Phil Bonhard – Design Lead Enterprise

Ross Breadmore – Design Director, Retail

Alberta Soranzo – Design Director, Commercial