UX Mini Hackathon




UX Mini Hackathon

2 March 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Looking to practice your UX skills, learn, meet cool people and help improve a real startup product? Welcome to UX Mini Hackathon Series.

What is the UX Mini Hackathon?

Our UX mini hackathons are short one-evening events featuring real organizations that provide problems that can be addressed with design and technology. Attendees collaborate in teams, brainstorm and prototype their solutions and then present back to the organizations. Teams are provided with feedback from clients / mentors and can win in various categories (and get prizes, if available).

Who should attend?

Those who want to improve their UX/prototyping skills by helping a real organization: UX and UI designers, product designers, researchers, product people, developers, aspiring UX professionals and other tech folks who want to meet new people, learn and advance their UX skills in a team environment.

What will the format be like?

- Organizations are invited and requested to provide a problem that they would like help with where design and technology can help (design brief will be shared with attendees a bit in advance)

- During the 6 hour UX hackathon, the teams will be able to put together a basic idea and prototype their solution - Teams will have the opportunity to present their solution to the client(s) / UX mentors and get feedback

- The winning team and others interested might continue working on the project if they and the organization are interested

**Important - what you will need:

- Laptops will be quite useful ;)

- You need to be able to use design / prototyping tools (any tools of your choice will work: i.e. Sketch, Adobe Suite (design), InVision, Marvel or Principle for Mac, Pixate, Axure, or at least POP, Balsamiq or Keynote)


- Practice your UX skills in a fast-paced team environment

- Make connections with other cool UX people and accelerator leadership

- Gain experience and help improve a real startup product

- Enhance your presentation, team collaboration and client interaction skills