VidCon London




VidCon London

14 - 17 February 2019


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VidCon US, VidCon AU and VidCon LDN are the world’s largest events for fans, creators, executives, and brands who are passionate about online video and building diverse communities. Across the three events, VidCon will host more than 90,000 attendees, in aggregate, via a variety of live on-stage performances, panels, fireside chats, interactive experiences, fan and creator meet & greets, innovative brand activations, and more. VidCon’s flagship show, VidCon US, will celebrate its 10th Anniversary in 2019. VidCon was founded by veteran YouTube creator Hank Green and was acquired by Viacom in 2018.

VidCon is the world’s largest event for everyone who loves online video and is excited about its potential. Video is still an incredibly young medium, but it has already become a powerful, transformative, global force. VidCon is at the center of that revolution.

The first VidCon was run in July 2010 by the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green. Already a pair of online celebrities, they started VidCon as a place where people who had only ever met on the internet could meet and connect in real life. It was a hit, and became a popular annual event in Southern California.

Made for both the creators and viewers of the online video industry, VidCon London will be a celebration of everything that makes this medium awesome. This emerging industry is wildly diverse and rapidly evolving, and VidCon London aims to bring together a global community that believes online video is the most important cultural force since the motion picture.