Visualization Landscape And Grammar Of Graphics




Visualization Landscape and Grammar of Graphics

1 November 2018

New York

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Speaker 1: Lee Medoff
Title: Surveying the Data Visualization Landscape

Abstract: What makes the visual representation of data meaningful and appealing? What are some of the current trends in data visualization, including those that have been enabled by technology? And who are the ‘tastemakers’ in the industry? We consider these questions, surveying recent representations of data – examining, recreating and modifying some of the best and worst recent data visualizations.

Bio: Lee Medoff is the founder and CEO of Hedgehog Analytics, a data and analytics consulting firm that provides analytics services and solutions. The firm advises tech startups as well.

Lee began his career in analytics with Y&R, a New York ad agency, then moved into finance, beginning with the Decision Sciences group of the credit card division of JPMorgan Chase, where he developed models to optimize the return on the bank’s card portfolio. He also worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Moody’s Analytics, where he oversaw analytics teams in New York and India developing and customizing models for the firm’s software. He holds advanced degrees in Statistics from Columbia University and Economics from New York University.

Speaker 2: Ganes Kesari
Title: Grammar of Graphics: The Secret Sauce of Powerful Data Stories

Abstract: Data Visualization can be a powerful medium to tell stories from data. However, while creating visual representations, people often make the mistake of dipping into a catalog of ready-made charts and preset visual templates. This blunder is the equivalent of writing English prose using a rigid list of sentences, as opposed to the conventional way of stringing together words elegantly, by blending in the grammatical elements. This session will introduce the concept of ‘Grammar of Graphics’ from Leland Wilkinson, and demonstrate the fluid construction of elegant visuals, layer by layer and with practical examples. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to invent your own charts.

Bio: Ganes co-founded Gramener, where he heads Analytics and Innovation in Data science. He advises enterprises on deriving value from data science initiatives. He is passionate about the confluence of machine learning, information design and data-driven business leadership. More about his data pursuits can be found at

Thanks to Glantus US for organizing most of this event including finding a venue for us. I encourage other members to contribute by organizing a single event.

Kristen Sosulski, author of Data Visualization Made Simple, will speak at a meetup on November 26 if I can find a venue.


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